Vacationing: You’re Doing it Wrong

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As we start counting down the days until school starts, many like to take their annual vacations, especially those with children. This year, I challenge you to do something different. To go somewhere else. If your annual vacation spot involves the Smoky Mountains, Myrtle Beach, or Florida, I’m glaring at you especially. 

Why are you saving up days and dollars to go back to the same place? Your memories from over the years are running together, you deserve something different and unforgettable.
Those places you’ve been wanting to travel are not off limits. Just because it’s more than 600 miles away does not make it “on the other side of the world”. I can already hear you now: “driving there is too much“, “I don’t feel comfortable going somewhere new“, or “what if I don’t like it as much as my old vacation spot?”

“Driving there Costs too Much”

This one used to stress me out big time! What if I don’t have enough for fuel costs?? What if I can’t find a gas station?? Am I paying too much??

We all know about Gas Buddy, the handy little app that tells you all the nearby fuel prices. If you don’t have that app, you can get it here.

Did you know about though? It has way more useful features, such as the trip calculator. Simply punch in your vehicle’s basic information (make, model, year, engine type, 4WD/2WD/AWD, etc), your start & end point (as well as any along the way), and it routes your entire trip! Here’s an example I used, driving from Southern Indiana to Western Montana in a ’99 4Runner that gets approximately 16 mpg.

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As you can see, a one way trip is $209, with eight fuel stops along the way- it even tells you which stations to use, and how much each stop will cost. Awesome right?! Plus, who doesn’t love an $1800 trip for only $209? I dare you to find a flight for five at a cheaper price.

“I don’t feel comfortable going somewhere new”

Oh come on now. You’re not packing up your Conestoga wagon, musket, and venturing into the unknown- its 2017. We have amazing atlases, GPS systems, roadside assistance, cell phones, and even blogger travel guides. Afraid of new foods? We have an app for that (it’s called YELP, and it’s wonderful). Afraid of gross hotels? We have several apps for that (YELP, TripAdvisor, Google, KAYAK, Hotel). Afraid of running into traffic? We have several apps for that too (Google Maps, WazeScout). Afraid of not being able to find places to park your large rig? We even have an app for that (Trucker’s Path is simply amazing you guys). We have so much help available to us that it’s just unreal. Use that to your advantage, and get out there.

“What if I don’t like it as much as my old vacation spot?”

If you don’t love the new spot, go back to your typical vacation routine next year. Seriously. I could just about bet the farm that you won’t though- I don’t know a single person who said “boy, I sure wish that instead of traveling the ________ (country, world, etc) I had just visited the same beach twenty times“.

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If you’re really worried about becoming bored, plan a trip that has a lot of moving involved instead of staying holed up in the same spot. Plan lots of various activities. Read blogs, and travel sites to help make your decisions if you’re concerned about it.

Adventure is Waiting

I don’t have anything against your Tennessee & Florida vacations (oh wait, yes I do), but there’s just so much more out there for you. Please don’t limit yours vacation experiences for the above reasons.

So what are you waiting for? Abandon that old vacation spot and take the road less travelled (well, less travelled by you anyways). You’ll be surprised by how much more fun and excitement you’ll be rewarded with by taking a chance. Don’t let all your vacation memories run together, make the change this year!

That’s all for me today! What are your thoughts on new vacation spots? What are some of your best travel tips? As always, thanks for reading!