My Bucket List

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(Originally Posted in 2016)

 One of the most important lists you’ll ever write and then act upon, is the Bucket List. It gives your life direction, shows off your personality, and helps you rediscover yourself when you need a moment to recollect yourself & recharge your batteries. A bucket list can be accomplished in a matter of hours, or a matter of lifetimes. It’s the one thing in your life you have complete control over, regardless, of if you get to check off its contents. Below is my personal bucket list. You can use it to help yours find direction, or, judge my lack of green check marks (your pick!). As always, thanks for reading.

✅ Run a 5k race in the rain

✅ Watch the sunrise almost every day for an entire summer

✅ Meet w friends & ride our horses around the county

✅ Lay in a field and watch the stars for hours

Camp/Backpack in a western forest (Montana? California? Wyoming?) for a week with just a tent & backpack

✅ Go on a traditional picnic with someone I love

Graduate with a doctorate

✅ Road trip in the Wyoming/Montana/Colorado/Utah area

✅ Buy my own home

Build my own home

Run a small QH Ranch

✅ Become friends with a complete stranger

Help 10 strangers who need it

Get my 50′ Chevy running again

Drive the 50′ Chevy in parade in memory of Dad & Grandpa (its previous owners)

Drive 1940 Oliver Tractor in Scott Co. Parade in Memory of Dad & Grandpa

✅Ride my horse with friends in the Parade with Scott Co. Rough Riders Club

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Ride down the Grand Canyon trails with a horse or donkey

White Water Rafting (once at the Grand Canyon, once somewhere else)

✅ White Water Kayaking 

✅Get front row seating at an awesome concert

Do at least 40 of the things on this list with another person

✅Write a book (possibly an autobiography?)

Go to non tourist part of Mexico for 2 weeks (& speak Spanish only)

✅Go somewhere I normally wouldn’t think I would enjoy (New York, LA, etc…)

✅Take a 3 month vacation with no specific destination or plans

Learn to play Guitar



✅ Call someone I haven’t talked to in a long time and I’m kinda afraid to

Ride a bull (cinched up)

Go hiking along the Trail of Tears

✅ Go for a drive on a gravel road for several hours

Bungee Jump over a river

Drive the entire Route 66 in my truck

✅ Watch fireflies over a lake

✅Build a campfire by a creek, river or lake and sit by it all night

Donate at least $5000 to a worthwhile charity

Run an entire marathon (preferably, the Nike Women’s)

✅ Stay up for a 24hr period with friends binge watching Netflix w ice cream

✅ Volunteer for a worthwhile cause

Give away something big that’s really important to me

100% Rebuild an engine on my own

Go to all the local county fairs in one summer

Read and avidly study the Bible Daily

✅ Pray 2x Daily for a year

Rescue Races at Rodeos

Learn to do something I think I won’t like

✅ Take time to be a friend when it’s super inconvenient

Adopt a mustang

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Daytona Beach on Spring Break

Build a Bunkhouse

✅Visit a nice aquarium

See the ocean in person, stand with my bare feet in the water

✅ Donate blood

Go overseas and Volunteer at a third world country

✅ Read a good book by a fireplace

✅Stay at Clifty Falls Inn during the Winter

Go spelunking

Fight for something worthwhile

✅Visit 30 Local Truck/Tractor Pulls in a summer

✅ Buy my own truck, diesel?

✅ Be a great public speaker

Greenbrier bunker, restaurant & resort in Sulphur Springs, WV

✅Visit Yellow Stone national park

Visit Alcatraz Island

Visit Niagara Falls

Visit Times Square

✅Visit Yosemite

Visit Mount Rushmore

Visit Crazy horse memorial

✅Visit Glacier National Park

Visit the Statue of Liberty

✅ Visit 1880s town

Visit Arlington Cemetary

Visit Gettysburg

✅Visit Battle of Bull Run

✅Visit Bryce Canyon national park

Learn to ride a motorcycle (buy a motorcycle??)