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If you haven’t read “Sarah’s Dream Day” and “The Price of a Dream“, go do that now so you’re all caught up. 🙂

The “Shopping List” Method

On Wednesday, I left you with the promise of making your big numbers (your dream lifestyle’s upfront and upkeep costs) seem less daunting. Today I’m going to keep my word and show you that cool little trick. With your long list of items you need, and their upfront prices beside it, make a little rectangle off to the side. As you earn money to save for each item, slowly fill it in, like a battery being charged. Your list and filling rectangles should look something like this example I created:

I personally like this method because it makes me feel like I’m making progress, it’s instant gratification, and my money isn’t “burning a hole in my pocket” so to speak, because it actually has a purpose and a destination.

More than one Purpose

This works for more than just big upfront costs too. This really satisfying method is great for saving up for vacations, projects, home renovations, and more. Let’s say you’re thinking about taking a road trip next summer. Instead of saying “okay, I need $3,500 for this” you break it up into more manageable bites, such as
– $120 for 1st hotel
– $80 for National Park Pass
– $33 for Day 1 food
– $50 for fuel between x and y
– $75 for 2nd hotel
– $22 for fuel between y and z
– $33 for Day 2 food
– $50 for cool attraction day pass
– $25 for Day 3 campsite
– $33 for Day 3 food
– $19 for fuel between a and b
– $55 for souvenirs at amazing gift shop
– Etc..

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As you put back the money into savings, check off each individual item. Not only will it get you excited all over again for your trip, but it’ll also help you feel like your money is making more of a difference, which it is!

Let’s Talk!

– So what are your thoughts on this method of saving money for big purchases?
– What’s something big you’re wanting to save for?
– If you downloaded my (free!) Finding Financial Freedom Workbook, are you still liking it so far? How often have you been using it? Has it helped you? And, do you have any comments or suggestions for it? I want to give out the absolute best content that I can for you guys!

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  1. That’s super great. Keeping track is the only way to improve. (You can’t improve something you don’t measure.) Keep up the good work!!

  2. I love this idea! There’s such a huge psychological element to saving, and this makes it feel so much more manageable, the end result so much easier to visualize. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

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