The Power of Vision + Positivity

I’ve Been Given More than I Deserve: The Power of Vision + Positivity

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The Power of Vision + Positivity in my Life

Over the past year, I’ve come to realize just how darn lucky and effortless life has been for me:

  • I have a strong, happy marriage
  • I have no financial stress
  • I have a cozy home, big enough to be everything that I need it to be
  • I have a job that pays well, is rewarding, flexible, fun, and engaging. Even though I freelance (which should be difficult to find work in), projects seem to come to me easily, and I don’t have to “hustle” to find it
  • I have the freedom to travel
  • I have a fantastic family, both on my side, and on my husband’s side
  • I am in good health, my body is able to do everything I ask of it
  • I have been severely underweight, and also obese, but I’m now able to work towards a healthy medium- I’m happy with my body
  • I have minimal stress and anxiety
  • I feel lucky, and blessed

I cannot even begin to tell you guys just how many times I’ve looked at my husband and asked “Why me? I don’t deserve this. How does all this good stuff keep falling in my lap?”. Him, being practically perfect in every way, reassures me day after day, that “good things happen to good people, even if you can’t see the good you’ve done“.

So am I having a hell of a lucky streak, or have I figured something out? I don’t know for sure.

If it IS because of something I’ve done, I can’t help but attribute some of that to vision, and positivity.

My Habits

When I pray, I never ask God for anything. I know that’s not how He works. So I just thank Him for all the good in my life, and I leave it at that.

Every morning when I get up, I immediately make my bed and then walk into my little home office and 1) Make coffee and 2) Write down a list of my goals for the day. As I go through the day, as a reward to myself, I check off each of the goals as I accomplish them.

I look at my vision board at least once every two days. It’s a secret board on pinterest, filled with pictures of cozy + modest cabins, ranch horses, happy couples, kayaks on rivers, people hiking with their dogs, my dream vehicle (which I currently own!), women writing on thier laptops in front of a fireplace, the Rocky Mountains, cute four stall barns, cattle, roadtrips, photos of my favorite celebs/people (maybe it’s creepy, idk) and generally fit and happy people.

I track my progress every day in a notebook specificially for that purpose. And I track almost EVERYTHING! Daily, I write down exactly how much I eat, how many miles I walked / ran, and how many calories I burned. Weekly, I track how much money I’ve made, how much I’ve spent. Monthly, I:

  • look over my blog stats, record them, and make goals the next month
  • record how many books I’ve read, how many self improvement videos I’ve watched, and how many informational / motivation speakers I’ve listened to, and make goals for the next month
  • take another look at my budget, rewrite it accordingly, track my networth, track how much passive income I make, calculate how close I am to retirement, and make new goals for the next month
  • analyze how many calories I’ve consumed, how many I’ve burned, which foods I ate, how far I’ve walked / jogged, take progress photos, and count how many individual workouts I’ve done over the month, and make goals for the next month
  • look over my freelance stats, see how many clients I worked for, the hours I’ve worked, the different style projects I took part in, and then make goals for the next month
  • keep a running list of all the good stuff that happened to me regardless of how insignificant it may seem (such as the day I forgot to plug my diesel in, it was 10 degrees and it still started on the first try), or how impressive it may be (like the day a celebrity producer from LA reached out to me, asking me to work on a project with her)
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I then combine all these stats into 3 pages, print out the results, and stick that into a binder that I keep in my office. When I’m feeling ‘stuck’, I can always grab my binder and see how far I’ve come.

Despite all these efforts, the massive windfalls that have been bestowed upon me are FAR greater than anything I’ve deserved. I did not ‘earn’ a lot of the great stuff that happens to me. So here’s why I think God, Vision, and Positity are to credit:

What is Vision?

Vision is daydreaming with intention. I think many of us, do a bit of this while thinking in the shower, daydreaming at our jobs, or while listening to music (while driving, riding, or working out).

Vision is looking into the future at the life we want. Subconsciously, we know the answers to each of these questions:

  • What is the happy version of you like?
  • What does she do?
  • Why is she smiling, and looking so vibrant?
  • Why is she so successful and joyous?
  • What does she do with the time in her days?

But as you know, we don’t all have the time, the energy, or the motivation to daydream every day. Because of that reason alone, I strongly believe in vision boards. They corral the power of vision + positivity into one common place.

Vision boards (dream boards) are an excellent way to remember your passions, and then remind yourself of your big dreams and ideal lifestyle.

Envisioning your perfect life is effective, and I’m not the only person who thinks so. Here are a few notable people who have been successful with vision boards:

  • Chaunie Brusie
    • Stay at home mama
    • Wanted to become a freelance writer and published author
    • Was miserable, and unhappy
    • Made the decision to create her own happiness
    • Created a vision board
    • Hung it in her home, and looked at it daily
    • She eventually quit her day job as a nurse, became a full time freelancer, got her book published, had another child, became a magazine editor, and even got to meet her writing idol, Emily Griffin.
  • Irina Tee
    • Was single, overweight, and borderline depressed
    • Wanted to be a successful blogger, become healthy, meet the right guy, and be happy
    • Was making money through her online clothing store, but even that had to stop because of a PayPal issue
    • Overheard someone else using a vision board, and it working well, and decided to try it for herself
    • Two years later, she’s married to a fantastic guy, she lost weight, she travels, she’s happy, and has a very successful blog.
  • Claire Newton
    • Was out with friends, and decided to take photos of what inspired her
    • She loved the idea of sailing, and she loved looking at yachts, so that’s what she photographed
    • She later hung these photos in her cupboards, where she looked at them daily
    • 3 years later, she was working on privately owned, luxury yachts in the Mediterranian
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For me personally, I don’t try to use positivity as a bandaid for my problems. I know that there are times for sadness, anger, guilt, and skepticism. When it’s time for those emotions, I let them come into my life, and I let them stay as long as need be, (regardless of how painful or uncomfortable they may be) and then not a second more.

People love to use the phrase “life is short” but truly, it’s the longest thing you’ll ever do. So why would you suffer through, when you can choose joy?

When positivity is difficult, here are 3 simple reminders I have for myself:

Because I choose joy every day, I have literally forced myself to be happier, and my life has been better because of it.


7 Reasons Why I Believe Posititivity has Improved my Life:

    1. When I choose to be positive, I am constantly reassuring myself that I alone, am in control of my life. Because of this, I also inherently know that no one else can hurt me, but myself. I am accountable, I am in charge, and I have the power to change my life, whenever, and however, I like.
    2. It’s impossible to be stressed and thankful at the same time. When you make room for one, the other must go. I choose gratitude.
    3. When I am having a crappy day, I try to focus on the positives. By doing that, I tend to stay in a better mood, act like a better person, and make more rational decisions.
    4. Negativity focuses on the past (I always forget my keys, I always procrastinate, I’ve never been good at ___), while positivity lets you look ahead (I want to be a put together person, I want to do what’s right, I will succeed at ____). It’s much easier to drive when you’re looking out over the hood, and not at your feet!
    5. Positivity is attractive. People want to be around people who make them feel good- and that’s what positivity does. And because people want to be around you, they tend to think of you more often. When people think of you more often, they will keep you in mind when they want/need to refer someone for those really cool jobs or opportunities.
    6. When you’re being negative, you see problems EVERYWHERE. When you’re being positive, you see possibilities everywhere, possibilities that will motivate you, that you’ll strive for, and that you’ll keep working for until you get them (or something even better).
    7. Being positive is often seen as being naive, and it is, but that’s not bad. I’ve taught myself to look at the world through the eyes of a child. I don’t limit my dreams by what’s easy, or what’s supposed to be “possible” I just look at what I want, because I want it, and I go for it.

Let’s Talk!

  • Have you been feeling lucky/blessed lately?
  • What do you think causes this massive overload of good wealth? Could it be the power of vision + positivity?
  • What are your thoughts on all of this?
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