It’s All About Your Perspective 

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There are two kinds of people

“The glass is half full people”, and, “the glass is half empty” people.

Regardless of how you see everyone else’s glass, how see your own is of most importance. This is a lesson that’s taken me a very long time to learn, but it’s made me a happier person. You have to put the positive spin on your own circumstances, and start seeing obstacles as opportunities. In all reality, that’s how the most successful people feel about life. How? Well, as an example (to put myself in a vulnerable spot!) here’s the pessimistic outlook on my own life:

– My dad was murdered when I was 9, which left me with ‘daddy issues’.

– I dropped out of college because I have no gumption, and it was too hard for me to keep up.

– I lost my job, and I mooched off my husband, who I married when I was too young.

– I have no purpose or direction in my life, I just mindlessly ride in a semi with my husband 24/7.

– I got fat. 50 lbs to be exact.

– I started a blog because I’m a self centered asshole.

– I started writing a book because I’m bored.


What a drag, amiright? Now here’s the more optimistic outlook:

– my dad was taken from me at a young age, which showed me the strength that my mother and I had. It taught me to appreciate people, and my limited time on earth, so much more.

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– I had the courage to leave college to pursue other, stronger interests of mine.

– Losing my job enabled me to take the time I needed to reconsider what I wanted to do with my life.

– I found my person at a young age, and now we have a great shot at being married 50-75 years together.

– I’m blessed to have a husband who loves me and supports me as much as he does. His strong work ethic means we can live comfortably on one income alone.

– I may seem quiet, but I’ve been able to do so much research, self improvement, and thinking- all while getting to see the continental 48 states, with my husband and my dog, for free.

– I gained lots of weight, which has given me the cool opportunity to lose it, despite the obvious obstacles of: bad food in truck stops, and little time or space to exercise. I’ve currently lost 26 pounds in 71 days, with no exercise, surviving off junk food (There will be a blog post about this in about 60 days!). I can now help others be motivated get their weight under control too.

– I started a blog because it’s a great hobby, it makes a part time income, and with the intentions of helping others.

– I started writing a book to benefit people I care about. From the great content inside, to the support I offer, to the very low price, it’s definitely written with readers’ best interests in mind.

How to do it?

If you’re unsure as to how to start seeing obstacles as opportunities, try this quirky method I use.

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Who is the most perky, obnoxiously happy person you can think of? You have a person in mind don’t you? Of course you do! Thankfully we’ve all got ’em. What would she (or he) say in a situation like yours? Aannnd you suddenly have that positive outlook you couldn’t find! It’s strange, and a bit funny, but it works for me when I’m feeling stuck. Thank you, overly happy person!!

How are you viewing your life right now? Is your glass it half full, or half empty? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, and, as always, thank you for stopping in!

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  1. As someone who has had to overcome anxiety, I know too well the trap of focusing on the negative! I love your comparison of the negative and positive perspectives of the same circumstances.

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