I Want to Be a More Desirable Woman

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I may be twenty, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot of growing up left to do. There’s so many qualities that I can pick out in other women that I want to possess. Not just physical ones. And not only attitude traits either.

Here are some of the qualities I hope to develop myself into as I grow older.

First, I want to be more confident, and constant. When I say yes or no, I want to still mean it, even after someone replies “are you sure?”. I don’t want to second guess myself forever. I want to say so, and be so, without asking myself the same question repeatedly. I will be more deliberate, so that others know exactly who I am, and what I’m made of. I want to be the same person Saturday night as I am Sunday morning.  I want to be crisper and cleaner. Less cozy sweatpants, more fitted wranglers. I don’t want to be casual and questionably lazy; I want to be purposeful, put together, and prepared. I don’t want to hide or be ashamed in public because I made the decision to be slouchy instead of classy. If I must catch loose livestock, change a tire, or go seek help, I don’t want to do so in yoga pants. Part of this resolution of mine is to also to filter my mouth. I am not a trashy person, so why do I use trashy words? The are demeaning to those who speak them, and condescending to those who hear them. I want elegance. Not just in my gait, but in my attitude. Even when I’m losing the battle, I want to maintain my composure. I will not change my moral standpoint, raise my voice, belittle my opponent, overreact, or be a sore loser. I will be gracious, grounded, and genuine. I will practice self control. I want to be humble and quiet. Not everyone needs to know my history, my education, my accomplishments, or my talents. I will not upstage my fellow man’s recent fortunes and accomplishments. I will leave much of my riches in silence. No one needs to know how much I do or do not have. I want a more loving persona. Self depreciating jokes should be used carefully, and sparingly. I will talk myself down less, because I know that hurting myself is not at all equal to being humble. I also want to love others more than I have recently. Everyone has a unique history. Everyone knows something that I don’t. Everyone is worthy of love and attention. I want to be a more Godly woman. Some people will never pick up a Bible in their lives. Who I am, it may be the only Word they ever get to read. Because of this, I need to be consistent, forgiving, and willing to admit my faults. I also need to give back to God more. Not just praises, but also finances. I am who I am, and I’m blessed the way I am, because of Him. To give back to Him, I need to donate more my time and money to His needy, deserving people. I want to be even less materialistic. I’d like to downsize and minimize my wardrobe again. I’d also like to take some steps to remove clutter from my life. I want a larger percentage of my owned items to be dual purpose. If it’s sentimental, it should still be useful in one way or another. If it’s in storage, it’s not being used, and it can be donated. Lastly, I want to better realize who I am, and what time I have left on Earth. I don’t to constantly dwell on death, but I do want to talk about life. I don’t know how much of my time remains, but, I shouldn’t take any of it for granted. Nor should I take those I love for granted. When I realize my ambitions, I should ponder it over for a minute, and then take the initiative. I’m blessed with a healthy, fully functioning body. I’ve also been granted certain talents and drives, and I should use them up. My life isn’t fine china, I’m not meant to exist in the corner of the room, safe, for centuries. I’m a person, with an expiration date, a purpose, and an end goal in mind. It’s time for me to get to it. That’s all for me today! What qualities should a good man or woman possess? What’s your ambition? And what do you think purpose is? As always, thank you for reading! 

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