How to Save Money Like No One Else


Having a lot of money doesn’t come from making a lot of money, it’s just the result of keeping more of it. Here are nine methods you can use to improve your current financial situation. 

Try to forget about the perfections that Instagram and Pinterest has accustomed you to. You don’t need your entire life to be one aesthetic right after another. For example? Don’t be afraid to save money by buying things that are cheap but ugly. Some grocery stores sell discounted produce and products, just because of minor imperfections/deformities. Know when you demand quality, and when you can put up with generic (see this post). Also understand that brand names are not always superior to generics. Don’t go ‘bigger’ or ‘prettier’ just because you can. If you can afford exactly what you need, don’t stretch yourself trying to buy the upgrade. If a car made in 1991 has everything you need, don’t run yourself short for the 2016 model. If you do buy something for its beauty, do so because it’s something you’ll love and appreciate on your own- not to make others envious.

Cut the crap you don’t need. Is it truly worth $100+ a month for cable & wifi? Could you pick between the two? When our contract with Verizon is up, we’re switching back to Straight Talk Wireless. Our Verizon bill has been so high at times, that it was almost equal to the average person’s rent!

Light a ten dollar bill on fire. Seriously, just do it you’ll thank me later. Start a fire, and lay the bill right on top of it. Watch it burn and think about it’s worth, and how it’s now gone. That’s $10 you worked for. You traded a fraction of your life for that, and you’ll never get that time or that exact money back again. Now, next time when you shop for anything, realize that’s what you’re doing. Even look at the ‘necessities’ that you spend your money on. Sure, that $12 hamburger fed you, but was it worth the time it took you to make those twelve dollars? I’m not suggesting you feel guilty or anxious for spending your time and money; Be more aware of what you have and appreciate it more than you already do.

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Don’t be afraid to look poor. Remember the $100+ cable bill I mentioned earlier? Call the cable company and explain that you don’t appreciate your bill rising from $59 a month to $100. Politely ask them if they can lower it or match competitors’ prices. If you’re at an appropriate location, don’t be scared to ask “is this the best price you can do?”. Don’t look at that scenario as “I’m too poor to afford this“, see it as “my time and money are important to me, is this item just as important to you?“. Remember to always be polite, kind, and understanding of the seller! Also, don’t be ashamed of browsing the clearance sections. Don’t feel obligated to go out with your friends every time. Don’t feel like you have to keep up with your friends’ spending habits either. Utilize pawn shops, yard sales, Goodwill, and hand-me-downs to your advantage.

Don’t look at money as something you need more of, but as something you should try to spend less of.

You really don’t need to treat yourself that often. I know, I want that ice cream just as bad as you do. Remember what your long term goals are, remember what that burning $10 bill looks like, you don’t want that, so keep walking!

Don’t be afraid to break social norms. The best example I can think of is ‘honeymooning’. My person and I just got married (yay! Check that out here!). We decided to break a tradition to better serve ourselves. Most people spend a small fortune (seriously, it’s usually enough for a sizeable down payment on a house!) to visit somewhere they love, stay for maybe two weeks, and then start their lives in a place they aren’t satisfied with- because they can’t afford or don’t have the time to relocate. We didn’t want to have two weeks of fun, just to return home and dream about maybe visiting on our five year anniversary. So, we skipped the honeymoon, and we used our resources to relocate. It wasn’t conventional, and it was no where near as luxurious as a honeymoon, but it got the job done, and we can honeymoon here for life.

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Look for opportunities to make (or at least save) extra money. If you see something for a great price, buy it and resell it. Or, buy it and stock it until you later need it. This could mean you preorder a brand new electronic in May, never open it, and double it’s price in December, when it’s sold out for Christmas. It could also mean you buy your fuels in bulk when prices are low, and use them later when they increase. Get creative with it too! If you have a decent following on Instagram or Twitter, download the IZEA app and make money with the occasional advertisement.

How do you save money? Share your tips in the comments below please. As always, thank you for reading!