The Woman Behind Diamonds N’ Denim

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Hello all!

I’m a 20 year old, small town girl from Southern Indiana. I used to chase the dream of becoming a specialized DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) in Equine Medicine; Then I realized I wanted to do something different and more fulfilling with my life. I always wanted to help improve the world somehow, someway. I thought improving the health of horses and discounting my prices for young, local equestrians would be it, but God had a different plan.

Ever hear the saying “Pay Attention to what breaks your heart because chances are, that’s where God wants you to serve“?
Well that saying is part of what what helped me realize my purpose.

Watching my fellow friends and neighbors struggle financially, while putting in 70 hour work weeks, not getting to do what they love, with no real guidance or way out- broke my heart. 

Realizing that my own life may not be any different than theirs, was heartbreaking too. I didn’t want to struggle mentally, emotionally, and financially, to attend a university I didn’t love, for up to ten years, just so I could get my doctoratal degree. What good would that do anyways? I could be a shorter trip for a few horse people in emergencies, provide discounts for some, and educate a crowd on equine health, and employ a handful of people in my life– but that’s about it. That wasn’t worth the effort to me, and that’s not what the fire in my heart was leading me to do. 

I wanted to help people realize their worth, get a better hold of their finances, live simpler, and experience a better quality of life. I knew the best way to do this would be to drop out of college (at least temporarily anyways), start projecting my voice, and life the lifestyle I’m promoting- because it’s one that I love, one I know that will work, and one that I want to share with the world.

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Along my way of this journey, I met a guy. He was someone I instantly clicked with. Someone who I shared countless values, opinions and goals with. Someone who just ‘got’ me. He basically was (and is) the masculine version of who I am. We quickly realized we wanted the same things out of life, so we pursued them together, and got married.

We’re now honeymooning after leaving our beloved friends, family, and home in Indiana. We currently live in his Peterbilt full time with our puppy Blair, while searching for the perfect Montana homestead property to purchase. I’m blogging along the way, and you can follow our journeys through “Diamonds N’ Denim”.

Thank you for reading, thank you for your encouragements, thank you for your critisisms, thank you for sharing, and most of all, thank you for embarking on this lifelong journey with me. 

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