Going to the Spa…. Daily?!

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This week I’ve been hard at work on a little gift for my subscribers, and by ‘little’, I mean that I’ve spent roughly 10 hours on it, and I plan to spend another 10 before I finish. So… jump on the list before I finish up and hit ‘send’.

Anywayyy, I just wanted to pop in and share a quick thought with you today.

Pleasure and happiness are choices, more than feelings.

Last night before bed, I stepped into my shower. The water was hot, well pressurized, and the steam made my face feel so soft and fresh. I moved my hair forward over my shoulder so the water could patter my neck and glide down my back.

This morning, like so many mornings before, I woke up beneath cool sheets, next to a warm person, feeling the sunshine pour through the window onto my face. Before getting up, I grabbed an armful of the comforter and pulled it up to my face, smelling a trace of laundry detergent.

I flipped the covers off, and my feet touched down on the cool, hard floor. My long gown slipped off the bed and flowed behind my ankles as I walked into my little kitchen.

I started my coffee and enjoyed the quiet chill of the morning as I started typing away, feeling the immense privilege that is the freedom to share ideas, earn money, and live the lifestyle of my choosing.

Living a life of luxury doesn’t require a large sum of time or money. Sometimes, it just takes a moment of gratitude and the awareness of how sweet and sensual life itself is.

Once you start slowing down and appreciating the moment, life doesn’t seem so ‘in your face’ and brutal.

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Every day is a spa day if you know where to look. 

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