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July 2022

Thriving Over Winter as a Homesteader

Why Retargeting Is The Next Best Thing For Small Business Owners

January 2019

Simplify: How to Never Fold Laundry Again

December 2018

Here’s What You Need to Do When You’re BROKE Broke

November 2018

Why Voting is (Nearly) Pointless

October 2018

25 Ways I’ve Turned into a Hippie (and saved a ton of money)

September 2018

All of My Expenses as a $50/hr Freelance Writer

August 2018

I’m 21, and I’ve Already Bought My Last Vehicle

July 2018

My First (and Only) Blogging Income Report

Save Up To $3,851 Every Year By Making These 5 DIY Products at Home

Wanna Save a Ton of Money, Become a Paid Tourist, and Strengthen Your Marriage? Drive a Semi.

How to Get Rid of Sentimental Clutter

May 2018

What is the FIRE Movement? 

April 2018

Things that Keep Me Awake at Night

Going to the Spa Daily

March 2018

5 ‘Normal’ People Who Retired Early by Age 32 

The 1 Year No Spend Challenge: Saving $20K of a $32K Annual Income

How to Start Working at Home (without experience)

You Have a Serious Entertainment Addiction, and It’s Ruining Your Life

How to Start Working at Home (without experience) PART II

How to Get Out of Survival Mode When You’re Feeling Beyond Broke

That Time My Honesty Cost Me an Interview

6 Ways Millennials Can Have Easy Money Like the Baby Boomers

February 2018

2 Extremely Cheap Ways to Buy a House without Credit

12 Features Every Blog Homepage Needs

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How Much It Costs to Work: $17K a Year??

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Downsize Your Closet, Based on Your Personality

The Best Foods to Buy When You’re Broke

I’ve Been Given More than I Deserve: The Power of Vision + Positivity

January 2018

Save Thousands This Year By Living Like a Homestead Granny

My 2018 SMART Goals

The Contract that Made Me $5,000 Profit in 1 Year

Minimalism is for Everyone, Not Just the Wealthy

You’re More Responsible with $100M than $1K… Right?

How to Grow an Engaged Email List, Even if You’re a Boring Person

Freelance Work: It’s Real, It’s Strange, and It’s Serious Money

How to Create a Newsletter Archive on your Blog (No Coding!)

December 2017

I Tried to Eat Healthier and Accidentally Made My Grocery Bill Less than $25

I Upgraded from an iPhone to a Flip Phone… And I love It!

17 Money Posts That Will Make You Wealthy

4 Genius, Low Budget, Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

I Have a 16 Piece Wardrobe

November 2017

The Price of a Dream

Your Life Simplified as One Big A$$ Shopping List

Thoughts on Being a Close Couple, Relationship Dynamics, and Sex

How to Have A Cheap Christmas that Feels Expensive

Noise: My Life is a Chaotic Mess, so I’m Changing It

4 Horrible Credit Score Lies You’ll Find on Facebook

Failure, Vulnerability, and all that stuff that makes you Successful

October 2017

Free Gift! The Financial Freedom Workbook

6 Totally Painless Ways I Save Money (and 2 Places I Splurge)

Set Your Child Up for Success, with only $25 a month

Sarah’s Dream Day

September 2017

10 Simple Steps to Take Your Blog to the Next Level

Average is the New Excellence

There was a Blessing in My Dad’s Death- 11 Years Later, I Find It

Save $1000 in 90 Days (even if you make minimum wage)

Live Rent / Mortgage Free with one of the four hacks

Read this:  You Don't Owe Them an Explanation

Rant: People You Meet on the Road

10 Steps to Take Your Blog to the Next Level [PART II]

August 2017

Living Luxuriously For Less

4 Stupid Reasons Why You Can’t Seem to Keep Your Hard Earned Money

July 2017

35 Lies About Money that Keep You Poor 

The Total Off-the-Grid-Living Guide

The Art of Classy

Vacationing: You’re Doing It Wrong

June 2017

It’s All About Your Perspective

May 2017

Build Your Credit Score: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

A Day in the Life of Sarah

Three Reasons Why I Say “No Gifts” at Parties

Why I Never Share a Mugshot on Facebook

The Financial Privileges I’ve Overlooked for Years

The Makings of “Finding Financial Freedom”

April 2017

Scottsburg, Indiana: 20 Free Or Cheap Things to Do

The Cheap Meal Plan that Costs $2.52 per person, per day

Millennials Are Different (Not Stupid)

Travel Turns You Into a Self Righteous Prick

Every Town Needs One of these Five Businesses- Start One Today

Businesses to Avoid if You’re Trying to Break the Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle

March 2017

The Reverse Bucket List

Proven Ways You Can Make Money at Home

OTR Drivers, This is Everything You Need to Pack in Your Truck

12 Things Every Trucker Wants You to Know

Ride with Me Through Utah

February 2017

Americans, Let’s Not Forget Our Privileges

The $100 Minimalism Wardrobe

The Trouble that is Living Tiny and Traveling

Make Your Year Better (with Minimal Effort)

How to Become Mentally Strong

January 2017

55 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

An Open Letter to My Dad’s Murderer

To The Wife Who Married a Jerk

December 2016

Why People in 3rd World Countries are Happier, And How the Richest People Made Their Money

For the Days When Your Mirror is Unkind

Ladies, This is Why Your Next Boyfriend Should Come from the Friendzone

Read this:  The Best Truck Stop for Drivers

The Best Truck Stop for Drivers

Before Baby Bucket List

It’s Actually Not Darkest Before the Dawn

6 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog Right Now

November 2016

Jones, Party of Twelve

How to Save Money Like No One Else

Where to Hide Your Firearms when SHTF

Simple Wishes

My Tour of Auschwitz and Birkenau in Poland

Life Inside the American Semi

5 Reasons Why Your 5 Year Plan is Trash

Why You Only Date Crazy People, and How to Change That

October 2016

Growing Up Tough

Horse Slaughter: The Kind Decision

A Rifle for Every Purpose

How to Be the Most Fascinating Person in a Crowded Room

The ‘Need to Knows’ about GMOs

Hens and Chicks, and Chicken n’ Dumplins

September 2016

Anyone Can Travel- And Get Paid To Do It!

15 Signs You’re Dating the Wrong Person

August 2016

I’m a Crappy Christian

June 2016

10 Things You Learn When You Lose a Parent as a Kid

Keeping a Happy Heart

May 2016

Lessons Learned from the Amish

You Don’t Owe Them an Explanation

#Blessed is a #Problem

February 2016

Our Story

The Perks of Being a ‘Weird Quiet Girl’

Life Essentials: How to Jump a Vehicle, Check your Oil, and Change a Tire

January 2016

10 Steps I Took to Gain 10k Twitter Followers

18 and Engaged (No, We’re Not Pregnant)

15 Lessons Learned in 2015

My Bucket List

How to Safely Sell Your High Dollar Items on Craigslist

Everything You Need in Your Tiny House / Minimalist Kitchen

40 DIY Western and Country Interior Decorating Ideas

Why Christians Should Stop Saying “I’m Praying For You”

12 Jogging Strategies No One Told You About

What’s *Actually* Going to Happen When SHTF

To Be or Not To Be? Shopping Generic

A Humane Beef Industr