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As you may recall, my husband, my dog and myself live within 70 square feet inside a working semi, full time. This means that we have limited space (which can be an issue at times), so our clothing options need to be practical and efficient. I’m going to share my wardrobe with you, in hopes that it can benefit you and your traveling experiences.

It is important to note that this $100 estimate does NOT include your underwear, coat or shoes. 

So let’s dig into it! To start,

Here are the Four Rules of Packing Light, on a Budget, and like a Boss.

The first rule of packing light (aka, efficiently), is to have clothes that pair up well, and can be changed around a bit. Your tops should look great not only with jeans, but also with leggings, shorts, and skirts. They should also be able to be tucked in, or worn casually.

The second rule of an efficient wardrobe- is to only buy clothes you LOVE, that fit you well, and they must abide by rule number one. Your universal shirts should be form fitting, but not so tight that you feel uncomfortable. You should know about where to draw that line.

Rule number three of a Steve Jobs inspired closet, is to be confident in yourself and your appearance. Some people are very uncomfortable with the idea of wearing the same style of clothing everyday. I understand your fear of others’ judgements- but that will pass with time. People who frequently see you will know that your clothes are always clean, and know that you are dressing with a purpose. Not only do you save time by simplifying your closet, but you are also being environmentally friendly by cutting down your closet size, and better utilizing what you own. Not to mention, you look very ‘put together’ and professional now. Regardless, if people are truly that put off because of your style, they aren’t your friends in the first place!

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The final rule of packing light and living better, is to treat your clothing with respect. I used to be so guilty of abusing some of my clothes because they were cheap. “This shirt is only $5, I’m not going to wear an apron to cook in it” or “These shoes were so cheap, hand washing them is unnecessary”. I understand clothes get dirty, and some hobbies (such as horses!) are hard on your clothes, but try your best. Set aside one or two outfits just for that purpose if you can. I’m about to give you some awesome advice, so grab your notepad and favorite ink pen- because I’m about to change your life. If your clothes are not visibly dirty (stains, dirt, mud, manure, etc…) don’t wash them!! That is so hard on your clothing’s color and durability, and there is a better way. Throw them in the freezer for 12 hours, and that’s it! I have a favorite pair of yoga pants from high school gym that I refused to to throw out, but it smelled like sweat no matter how much oxyclean I doused it with. I finally tried the freezer method and they were like new. I wasn’t sure if I was excited, or irritated with myself for putting up with that awful stink for so long.

Still curious as to how to build the perfect wardrobe? Let me allow you a sneak peek at mine, where you can get some ideas for your own!

UPDATE AS OF 7/13/17: I now own 10 black V necks, 3 jeans, and that’s it! I love how much I’ve downsized and it really has made my life so simple. 


I have nine shirts that I like (pictured above). They’re inexpensive, yet they hold up quite well. Seven of them are short sleeved, solid colored v-necks. Two of them are long sleeved, solid colored, crew necks. All of them were under $4 each. I chose to have a variety of colors, but you may prefer to stick with one, and that’s okay! 

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I also have a dark blazer (also pictured above), that looks great with all my shirts, bottoms, and shoes. I’m unsure of its price due to it being a gift, but I feel that it is safe to assume you have one good jacket/coat/blazer for you to travel with.



I have three pairs of jeans that I take with me. Two are bootcut, and one is skinny. I seem to have good luck with Wranglers, Ariya and Lee jeans, they hold up well (even with my fat thighs!). Though these MSRP for $45-170 each, I got mine at Vanity Fair (in Carrollton, KY) for $15-20 each. 

I also have three pairs of leggings. One is a spandex black (for $2), one is a thermal grey (for $7), and one is black leather with a zipper in the back (for $20). The spandex and thermal are great for cold mornings since they can go under my jeans, or, I can wear them alone to go jogging in. The leather is unnecessary, but it’s fun to wear.  

I only have one pair of shorts, but I only sleep in those. I’m uncomfortable with shorts in public, but I’m sure you could easily find some to go well with your blouses.

I have one ruffled, grey and black knee length skirt with a simple floral design (below my bras in above photo). I can tuck my shirts into it and look professional, regardless of if I wear flats or heels. You don’t have to, but I always wear pantyhose or my black leggings with it. I believe this was only $5.

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I do have two dresses that I can use for formal events. One is a floorlength, dark green and blue floral, flowing dress. The other is a knee high, fitted dress. Between the two of them, I’m ready to attend funerals, weddings, or any other formal event.

As you can see in my original wardrobe spread picture, I have three traditional bras I like to take. I also keep an additional three sports bras with my socks & panties- between those six, I never run out between washings. I probably have three dozen pairs of socks, and four dozen pairs of panties. I know it’s a lot, but the idea of running out is downright terrifying.

I also have a pair of pajamas and several hoodies- and although it isn’t spacically efficient, I do have one favorite hoodie that always goes with me. 

I didn’t take pictures of my shoes, but I have a pair of a joggers that I can walk or run in. I have a nice pair of cloth flats that can be handy to slip on quickly. I also have a pair of black stilettos for formal events. Waterproof muck boots are for stall cleaning, and wading through water, snow, mud and manure. I also have cowboy boots for western riding western, and riding boots for English riding- but those typically don’t travel with me.

That’s all for me! What kind of a traveling wardrobe do you like to pack? Do you have any life changing tips or articles of clothing to try? Share them below! As always, thank you for stopping in and reading! 

PS. Now that you have a cheap wardrobe that is great for traveling in, are you ready to travel on a shoestring budget? I made a complete guide to help you!