Why Voting is (Nearly) Pointless

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With the election mere days away, I’m pretty darn tired of being bombarded by all the “Go Vote!” campaigns. Though I have several reasons why, the primary issue I have is that if you aren’t going to the polls without lots of peer pressure and expensive campaigns, you shouldn’t be voting in the first place. …

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Wanna Save a Ton of Money, Become a Paid Tourist, and Strengthen Your Marriage? Drive a Semi.

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If you want to save (and make) some serious cash, do some traveling, and spend time with your spouse? Become a truck driver. I married Devin on October 15th of 2016, and we promptly jumped in a semi on October 24th. From October of 2016 to November of 2017, we were in that truck full …

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Every Diamonds N’ Denim Post Ever

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The blog has grown quite substantially over the past few years, making it increasingly more difficult to locate older posts. Instead of scrolling through archives, here’s a handy, all-on-one-page list. Of course, don’t forget about that nifty little search bar that’s to the side of or below this post (depending on if you’re viewing this …

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that time my honesty costed me an interview. Sarah Hamelman Jones at Diamonds N' Denim Blog

That Time My Honesty Cost Me an Interview

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The Interview About two months ago, an employee from my former high school reached out to me, asking if she could interview me about my freelance business for the school website. Sure thing. She asked typical questions, such as “how did you start your business?”, “what attracted you to writing?”, and “how did you learn …

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