Every Town Needs these Five Businesses- Start One Today!

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If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my post on Proven Ways to Make Money at Home. Below is a list of services that your town definitely needs, but probably has a shortage of. Take advantage of that shortage now, and make it a side hustle or even a full time job! The majority of these jobs have small start up costs, so what are you waiting for?

1. Offer pet sitting services.

72% of people say they feel guilty when they leave their pet for work (yeah, there’s an 86% chance I made that last statistic up). Take advantage of that guilt, by allowing cats or dogs into your home and fenced in yard for the day. You can also charge weekly rates for people who are vacationing. Are you familiar with animals beyond cats and dogs? Make it known. You can watch tarantulas, pythons, or even take care of entire farms.  At $10 a day, that’s $50 / work week, per pet.

Interested? This is what you need to do to become good at this job. Click here if you want to work through a preexisting company. Click here if you want advice to work on your own.

2. Offer babysitting services.

At $25 a day, that’s $125 / week per child.  Daycares are so overpriced (up to $1500 a month on average)! If you’re certified in CPR and you have reliable vehicle in case of an emergency, you’ll be in high demand.

Interested? This is what you need to do to become good at this job. Learn more about the business process here

3. Clean houses and offices.

For smaller homes and offices, it’s fair to charge $25-30 per visit. For more intense work, or large spaces, its fair to charge $45-50 per visit. You can also offer specialty cleaning services, such as deep cleaning carpets, or cleaning houses with only organic products.

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Interested? This is what you need to do to become good at this job. Learn more about the business process here and here

4. Detail Cars.

Call your local buy / sell / trade business man and ask if you can clean cars for him. Call local repair shops and ask if you can clean vehicles for them. Tell your friends, family, neighbors and Facebook that you now detail vehicles. Charge anywhere between $20 and $50 per vehicle.

Interested? This is what you need to do to become good at this job. Learn more about the business process here

5. Wash & Fold Laundry.

Hate doing laundry? You’re not the only one my dude! For $15 per load, have people drop their bag of dirty clothes at your doorstep on their way to work. While they’re at work, you can wash, dry and fold it. On their way home, they stop by to pick up their neatly folded laundry. For a higher charge, you can also pick up clothes at their house (or try to get an entire apartment complex on board for your service!).

Interested?  Learn more about the business process here

Still haven’t found the type of job you’re looking for? Try these side hustles that I tested out. And see what online jobs I do myself!

What other businesses do all towns need? Have you done any of the above jobs yourself?