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6 Totally Painless Ways that I Save Money (and 2 places that I love to splurge)

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If you’ve been a reader on Diamonds N’ Denim for long, you know how strongly I believe that spending cuts are only to be made in areas you don’t mind. If you love your $12 specialty coffees, then you should be buying $12 specialty coffees! If you don’t care too much about clothing, then there’s no need for you to spend $47 on designer tops. Here are 6 painless ways that I save money, and still not feel like I’m missing out on what I love.


Where I make my Spending Cuts:


1. Clothing.

My wardrobe (minus my underwear and coats) costs a whopping $100. So far, that $100 has lasted me a full year! I have three pairs of jeans and six black tee shirts. That’s it. If I’m cold, I add a coat. I don’t own a pair of shorts. I’ve always been like this, because clothes have never been a thing I’ve taken an interest in. On top of that, I wear my shirts a few days in a row (I’m inside everyday, so I don’t sweat or get dirty) and I wear my jeans for about a week before washing them. When I wash my clothes, I use less detergent than recommended, or I even swap out my detergent for vinegar. If my clothes do develop an odor, I toss them in the freezer overnight to fix that. According to ING Direct and Capitol One Banks, the Average American spends about $1,800-$4,800 annually, just on clothing.


2. Makeup, Nails, and Hair.

I wear makeup maybe once or twice a week. My makeup is also Mary Kay, which is a nice medium between drugstore and a big brands in my opinion. I get my nails professionally done once a year at Christmas, the rest of the year I keep them plain, or I apply my own nail polish (and I’m pretty good at it!). I shower every other day- but I only wash my hair once a week. This isn’t out of frugality either. I have dry, curly hair, so any more attention than that and it’s not healthy. I use Suave shampoo in very small amounts, and TresEmmé conditioner by the handful. I don’t dye, cut, or straighten my hair, I’m pretty low maintenance!

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3. Drinks

I don’t buy drinks. Alcoholic or not, I just don’t buy any. I either have water, or I take advantage of the free drinks (coffee, tea, cola) rewards perk at Love’s Truck Stop. The average person spends $850 a year in cola, according to the National Soft Drinks Association in 2012. The average American drinker spends $1200 annually on alcohol alone.


4. Minimalism.

This is one of my favorite ways that I save money! I’ve really adopted a simplicity mindset, and it has significantly helped me save a lot of money over the past two years.  Nothing comes into my home unless I’m wildly in love with it, AND it’ll serve a purpose. No knick-knacks, no space filling furniture, and no extra “what if I need this” junk.

5. Hobbies.

I keep relatively cheap hobbies, such as blogging, kayaking, hiking, and reading. It’s simple really.


6. Fast Shopping.

Lastly, I shop under a timer. I love to eat, okay? I could most definitely finish off a family pack of Oreos in an hour if I didn’t have potion control (thanks Devin, for being my “honey do you really think you should eat that at this hour?”). I keep a running list of foods I need on my phone, and I have a very limited amount of time to grab all the items I need (usually, because we’re shopping from the Peterbilt). There’s no time to mindlessly browse the cookie isle, or buy convenience foods, and that really helps keep me in better shape (financially and literally speaking).


Where I apply my saved money:

In point 2, I revealed that I don’t spend a lot on makeup. However, I do splurge on my skincare with Rodan + Fields. My skin is important to me, and I want it to look good for as long as it can, so that’s where I put my money down, and I’m more than happy to do so.

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In point 5, I also said I keep cheap hobbies, which is a partial lie. All my hobbies are inexpensive, except for my horse. I’ve been away from my horse for a couple years now, and I’ve realized that’s something I don’t ever want to do again! Horses are part of my life, whether I want them to be or not. I suppose I’ll just have to pony up the money to fund my expensive little hobby.

What are some ways you can cut spending from your budget without feeling like you’re restricting yourself? And where do you apply your savings? Share that in the comments please! And as always, thank you for stopping in! 

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