55 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

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1. I have naturally curly hair, and I’m just now learning how to properly take care of it. Cave woman has always been my ~aesthetic~.

2. I am an absolute Twitter junkie, and I’m not even a little sorry.

3. I’ve had a handful of people describe me as ‘having a touch of autism’. I don’t believe it’s an insult, I just very much live inside my own head, and social interactions are not my forte.

4. I really love wild flower bouquets. Brown Eyed Susan’s, Queen Anne’s Lace, Daisy’s, and Golden Rod suits me just fine.

5. Even though I’m not good at one on one, face to face interactions, I’m really great at public speaking and presentations. They don’t make me nervous at all. I know, it doesn’t make sense to me either.

6. Red better suits me, but I love decorating and surrounding myself with greens, blues, and purples.

7. I have an *intense* hatred for listening to others eat, breathe, or hum. I have no idea why.

8. I despise plastic money, I’d rather carry cash 24/7, but I also lose my valuables quite easily. I think I’m more of a check person.

9. I can read faster than I can think, and I read quite a bit.

10. My biggest pet peeve is probably loud tourists. I love tourism, and I love public speaking, but I despise when people combine the two in a public setting. For example: If I’m getting ice cream from McDonalds (which I do quite a bit), I don’t want you to loudly announce your travel plans or life story to the cashier before placing your order. Seriously, just order and get out. Unless someone asks, don’t tell us everything. Start a blog, vlog, Facebook account or email list like the rest of us for Pete’s sake.

11. I also dislike additional nonessential details in general. I usually only want one answer per every question I ask.

12. If you ever catch me staring at you, it’s because you either have really cool tattoos, a shirt I’m trying to read, or I find you interesting (in a good way!).

13. My favorite sounds are: thunderstorms/rain on a tin roof; a blue tick coonhound’s howl; a 7.3 Powerstroke; an old International Diesel engine; and the sound of grain spraying out of a feed grinder into a burlap sack.

14. I feel that diverse cities are overrated. Melting pot cultures are interesting, but I like some individualism. I’d much rather visit and submerge myself into many individual villages, bars, and worship centers across the world- than visit an one expansive melting pot city.

15. I like my dog a lot, but I am not a dog person. Same goes for horses. Unless you’ve got your animal trained well and trained exactly like mine, I’m most likely not interested in it. I could easily see myself being that way with children too.

16. Every birthday of mine is a pleasant surprise. For some odd reason, I don’t see myself being a person who lives into old age. I don’t live a dangerous lifestyle, and I’m very content with my life, but I have a gut feeling I won’t live long. It just sometimes amazes me that I survived another year.

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17. My favorite state when it comes to the people, is West Virginia, hands down. They may not have much, but they’ll give you everything they’ve got out of the goodness of their hearts. . My favorite state when it comes to scenery, is Idaho (the northern region). Not to mention, it smells so nice with the snow and pine trees. Yet still, my favorite town is Norman, Indiana. I love the small town, the people, and the Hoosier National Forest. I really loved trail riding from Hoosier Horse Camp, to Hickory Grove Camp, to the Hickory Grove Church.

18. I’ve been to Poland, Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Denmark, which brings my country count up to 5 (including the US). The next countries on my list are Canada, Iceland, Germany, and the Ukraine.

19. I count, a lot. I analyze everything around me. You can randomly ask me how many windows or steps the nearest house or business has, and I’ll probably know it off the top of my head.

20. I can’t read a paper map to save my life. I have to turn it when I turn, otherwise I get very confused and frustrated. Despite my efforts, I always have a difficult time with my left and right.

21. I really love plants. Be it 800 acres of soybeans, or a tiny potted bonsai tree. 

22. My Myer-Briggs personality test always tells me I’m 51% Extravert and 49% Introvert, and I’m an ENTJ. Apparently that isn’t a common outcome.

23. I really want to shave my head, just see watch my hair grow back. But I’m also afraid I have a strangely shaped head, and it’ll look awful growing back in.

24. I’m left handed, but I shoot right handed, and I’m ambidextrous when I try to eat (translation: both hands are uncomfortable and clumsy with silverware).

25. I literally hated coffee (even with lots of milk and sugar) until one day I decided not liking it was inconvenient, so I needed to get over it. I drank it straight black and I haven’t looked back since. That doesn’t even compare to my great grandpa Melvin Rode though, he used to drink coffee black and then chew the grounds at the bottom of the pot.

26. I’m terrible at trying to hold a grudge. If I get into an argument with my husband, there’s less than a 12 second wait between my “whatever” and my “I didn’t mean that, I love you”.

27. I still haven’t seen an American concert. I did see an Indie concert in Krakow, Poland though, and it was a cool experience.

28. I’ve had horses break both sides of my collar bone. One was from a mare who bit my shoulder, lifted me off the ground, and shook me. The other was when I fell off my horse and she stepped on my neck/collar bone. I didn’t think it was broke until a few years later when I felt a line where it snapped. I rated both experiences a 3 out of 10 on the pain scale, because I figure there’s things that could hurt way worse.

29. I named my truck ‘Gloria’ so that way if I have children they won’t get stuck with that name. I also really love the Gladys, Gertrude, Waylon, Indiana, Ellogene, and Eugene. All of which I know are names that should never be given to innocent children, so I guess I need more trucks, tractors, and dogs to name. 

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30. I got my ears pierced in an alleyway in Poland by a guy who didn’t speak English.

31. I’m one of those weirdos who has seen ghosts, and I fully believe that what I saw was real. No shame.

32. I used to be able to jog 20 miles without a walking break. I also used to be able to deadlift 200 lbs as a 150 lb, 5’6 person.

33. My only talent is a super worthless one. I can walk into any field and come back with an entire bouquet of 4 leaf clovers within 5 minutes. I don’t like things that are out of order, so 4 leaf clovers really stand out to me. I get that from my grandpa Marvin who has the same useless talent.

34. I have an unhealthy obsession with Eric Church, but I think it’s because he reminds me a lot of my dad’s mannerisms/ facial features. He walks just like my dad too. My dad died when I was nine, and yeah, maybe I have daddy issues, whatever.

35. I’ve never watched Star Wars, Star Trek, or Harry Potter (sans the Chamber of Secrets and The Philosopher’s Stone).

36. I don’t like National government overreach. Each state should have the ability to make the majority of their own decisions. If you’re unhappy with your state (say you want gun free zones, and a free college education, but you live in a conservative state), you should be given a free a plane ticket to move to a state where those things are, with the catch that you live there for a minimum of ten years.

37. The most (physically) attractive people to me have a curvy small of their back. I really like men with red beards &/or hair. I really like women who have intense (like dark brown, deep green, or bright blue) eyes. Luckily for me, my sexy husband has all of these characteristics!

38. I seriously can’t stand weddings. Mine was cool, but everyone else’s looks like a show and a waste of money. 

39. My three favorite movies are Hidalgo, Interstellar, and Fury.

40. I love arguing with people, and in my own head, I’m never losing.

41. I’ll either never have kids, or I’ll have four of them. I typically don’t like people who were an only child, but two seems kind of stereotypical. Three means that two of the kids pair off, and one is lonely. Four means everyone has a partner. If I accidentally have more than four, I want to end up with an even number of kids at least.

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42. I love hardwood floors in my bedroom. I like walking on a chilly floor to wake up.

43. My favorite day of the week is Sunday, and my favorite Holidays are Easter and Independence Day.

44. I use my fingers to apply almost all my makeup. I use a mascara wand, eyeliner brush, and a brush for powder, and that’s it.

45. I like so few foods, that I actually can eat anything. Ha, let me explain that better. There’s only a handful of stuff I like, so basically everything I eat is just so that I don’t starve or offend anyone’s cooking. I’m rather good at eating anything, no matter how gross, without making a face. I’ve even had cold, canned octopus suckers just for kicks. Biscuits and gravy (they must be homemade!) are a favorite. 

46. I laugh at hipsters but I’m just like them. I secretly want to be different and edgy.

47. I got my first grey hair when I was nine, and now my head is full of them at the ripe old age of 20. When I get enough I’m dying my hair. Not back to dark brown, but to solid grey. I’ll probably be 25 when that happens.

48. I secretly wish I was a sexy, curvy bartender who worked at a dive bar, who mixes mean drinks, and offers up even better advice. My fantasies are weird, I know.

49. As an adult, I’ve weighed 150 lbs with abs, 119 lbs with ribs sticking out, and 200 lbs with some really great curves. The 119 lbs is the only size I didn’t love, because it literally hurt. The picture below is me somewhere just south of 200 lbs. 

50. I probably brush my teeth five times a day, and I floss a few times a week. My teeth still aren’t as white as I want.

51. The rebellious thing I did as an adult was get three Russian Dwarf hamsters. I asked for a hamster every year for Christmas since I was 6, but my family strongly believed in exterminating rodents, not welcoming them into your house. They were so cute but they hated my guts and bit me every chance they got. 

52. I was secretly a Muslim for two years. I thought that perhaps God had a trilogy of books instead of one or two. First the Old Testament, then the New Testament, then the Quran. I’m now a nondenominational Christian, but I don’t have church family (yet).

53. I’m so terrified of heights, but I’ve got bungee jumping off a bridge, sky diving, and skiing on my bucket list.

54. Although I say I’m a Constitutional Conservative, I do have a lot in common with Libertarians.

55. The numbers 9, 13, and 55 are my lucky numbers.

Now it’s your turn! Share some random facts about yourself below in the comments. As always, thanks for reading