Low Budget, Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

4 Genius, Meaningful Low Budget, Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

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Low Budget, Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is almost here! If you’re feeling stressed, this is for you! Today I’m going to share 4 fast, Low Budget, Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas. Thoughtful doesn’t have to be expensive!

A calendar

Perfect for grandparents and older loved ones in your life. Simply purchase two 2018 calendars (one for you, and one for your recipient) and mark in the dates that you’ll be visiting them in the upcoming year. You can also write in days you can take them grocery shopping, to church, or to an outing or event. Be sure you stick to it so that no one gets let down!

Stump / trash removal

If minimalism is important to you or your recipient, this is ideal for you. If you know there’s some work that needs done for them, or items that need hauled away (broken washing machines in the garage, old televisions, or shrubs or stumps that need removed, you can do that yourself, or hire a team.

Gift baskets

Perfect for the person who has everything and is hard to shop for. What’s his or her passion? Make a gift basket out of it!

  • People who love cooking: Spices, newly invented kitchen gadgets, hand towels, oils, breading, apothecary jars (you can get these for as low as $0.25 at Goodwill), baking sheets, etc.
  • Road Trippers: air fresheners, gas cards, glovebox maps, jumper cables, fix-a-flat liquid, phone mount holder, replacement windshield wipers, wiper fluid, Blanket, trunk shovel, etc.
  • Movie Gurus: popcorn, candy, Blanket, annual Netflix or Hulu renewal, screen cleaning wipe (works for laptops, TVs, and cell phones), fuzzy socks, slippers, or pajamas/ stereotypical Snuggie.
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Time Coupons

Good for busy people, or people who have difficulties getting around. Think free babysitting, pet sitting, house sitting, or coupons for driving kids to practice, taking pets to the veterinarian, raking the yard, landscaping, mowing, or cutting firewood.

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⁃ Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?

⁃ What’s your go-to-gift for difficult people to shop for? Do you have any low budget, last minute Christmas gift ideas you’d like to share?

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