Before Baby Bucket List

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As you may know, I got  married in October of 2016! I’m in newlywed bliss with my wonderful husband, and we’re taking full advantage of our time together. We also know that there’s always a possibility of getting pregnant, so we have a “Before-Baby-Bucket-List” that we’re sticking to. 

And for my hopeful friends and family, No, we aren’t expecting, nor are we expecting to be expecting any time soon. 

Here’s our list.

1. Travel! Yes, we’re living together in a beautiful Peterbilt, and traveling the United States, but there’s more traveling we want to do. We want to do more tent camping, trail riding with our horses, and backpacking/hiking in the mountains.

2. We want to be Spontaneous. If we want to watch a a movie, we’ll go to a nearby Cinema. Maybe we’ll go see more fancy restaurants, random theme parks, and more too. If we liked loud noises, crowds, and drunk people more, we might go to a concert or a rave (but I don’t see that happening anytime soon).

3. Settle in on a home. We really want to purchase a homestead first. I want to keep it as clean as possible, and take pride (and maybe pictures) in it too, because why not?

4. Be excessively loud. As clumsy as we are, I know we need to appreciate not worrying about waking up our tiny angry spawn whenever we drop plates or I fall in the shower. My mama must’ve laughed and laughed when she gave me the middle name Grace. 

5. I believe we’ve talked ourselves into getting a couple yearlings or green broke horses (after we buy a place, obviously). We want to put in lots of long rides and wet saddle pads before baby. If you’re not a horse person, maybe your more risky thing could be a sports car, or a motorcycle.

6. Have a Dog together. We love our puppy dog Blair! He may be a bit demanding at times, but I know he’s no where near as challenging as a newborn.

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7. Move where you want to. Woo! I can only imagine how difficult moving would be with a baby or two in tow.

8. Lots of long conversations & enjoying quiet time together. We both get agitated being interrupted, so yeah, we enjoy our only ‘interrupter’ being Blair wanting pets.

9. Stay up late watching Netflix, Sleep in Late, and take random naps together. Need I say more?

10. Budget. Check out this handy finance tracker I made.

11. Appreciate my hair, body, and makeup, and clothes. I wash my face and shower frequently, but I don’t think I appreciate being able to do what I want, when I want. Heck, even if my clothes smell like wet dog or manure, at least they don’t have baby spit up on them.

What things are on your ‘Before Baby Bucketlist’ ? What do you wish you could’ve done before you had children? As always, thanks for reading!