You Don’t Owe Them an Explanation

Sarah's Thoughts

I felt compelled to touch on this today because as I scroll through my social media, Facebook especially, I see a lot of ‘explanation’ posts.
Successful couples explaining why they decided to buy a house.

Beautiful women explaining why they have a few extra pounds.

Smart, capable men explaining why they continue to work on their project cars & trucks.
It’s unnecessary. And heartbreaking. Why should you worry over your forty to four thousand Facebook friends approval or lack thereof? Most of them don’t know your birthday without a reminder. They don’t know how you like your coffee. The majority can’t name your favorite three songs. Do you know the reason behind this?
It’s because they don’t care, or they’re too lazy to learn. Sure, they probably want all the gossip on you. They want to know why they saw you in town with a different car. Why you pushed your wedding date back. Why you decided to go to a different church. But they don’t care enough to pick up the phone to check on you. It’s nothing personal really, it’s just that collectively as several generations, our people skills (pardon my language) really suck. And just because this large sum of the population has poor people skills, doesn’t mean you need to cater to that.
This is your life, your social media, and your decisions. They have their own affairs to worry about, if you really matter to them they’ll take the time and energy to make you a part of their everyday life. Unless you genuinely enjoy explaining your decisions, don’t. You’re a very wonderful, capable, fearfully made individual. You should be proud of yourself for overcoming your obstacles and keeping on. Don’t feel guilty for only sharing what makes you happy. You owe your friends and acquaintances nothing. If they want to know, they’ll call you. 
And honestly, even if they do call you & they’re typically little to no help when you need them- they still don’t deserve your time or reasons (Your active/supportive parents & relatives who are very much a part of your life DO NOT fit into this category!) Five basic things you never owe anyone an explanation over are the following:
• where you came from/where you live

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• who you love

• what drives you

• why you’re loyal

• your sense of humor, personality, & body type 

Perhaps in the upcoming years we’ll start to get a better rein on our social media & public sharing habits, but until then, it’s difficult to not feel the urge to explain yourself to what feels like, a massive audience standing before you, demanding answers. Just keep your wits about you, realize that God & the only important people in your life understand you, and that’s okay. Keep on keeping on, you brilliant one of a kind person. Don’t stop for questions, and don’t look back.

As always, thanks for checking out the blog!