Understand your Finances like a Boss with this Free Financial Tracker

Finance Self Sustainability

This financial tracker chart simply shows you how to track your spending, this is not a budget, but you can easily make it into one after you determine your financial situation. This is an easy method to see where your money goes each month, and to make you more self aware of your spending habits. This could be a reality check for some- do you spend more than you earn?

If you’re ready to get a grip on your finances- click on the links. The first worksheet is the actual financial tracker. The second, is a ‘how-to’, it gives you tips, tricks and methods to effectively filling out your financial tracker. Both of these pages are on Google Docs, so it is accessible regardless of your device or device’s brand.

Financial Tracker Worksheet

How to Effectively Use the Financial Tracker Worksheet

What are your methods and charts for tracking your budget? Do you track your monthly spending habits?

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