15 Lessons Learned in 2015

Sarah's Thoughts

(Originally posted in 2015)

1) people do not care if you did your makeup today or not. Get out there & enjoy yourself with all that extra sleep you got!
2) every single person you’ll ever meet has a life that’s deep and complex like yours
3) truck stop chicken cannot be trusted
4) a person who has everything is more likely cheat you out of a dollar, than a person with nothing.
5) it is 100% okay to eat alone, no matter where you are. And you don’t have to feel awkward or stare at your cell phone while you do it.
6) sometimes people you barely know will kick you when you’re down. And sometimes these same people will try mending what they’ve done, once they realize you’ve already forgave & forgot them. Let them in. But don’t trust them too soon.
7) a pop can filled with only dimes is worth $80
8) if someone is wearing jeans, a hoodie or a long sleeved shirt on a really hot day, and they appear uncomfortable, don’t comment on it. They know it’s hot, but their reason for wearing those hot clothes is probably outweighing the temperature outside
9) his ego is just as fragile as your heart
10) cheap fuel is never a good idea, also, when you change your oil, don’t fill it past the maximum limit line
11) anything is possible. In less than 1 year I went from suicidal thoughts, and stress that caused me to lose not only 35 pounds in a month, but also a majority of my hair- to meeting the love of my life, getting healthy again, reinventing myself & completely changing my personality.
12) some people absolutely cannot be helped. Give them your love & support, but stop destroying your money, time, and mental health to try to ‘fix’ them. Because you can’t.
13) high school gives your life more structure than you realize, college reminds you of that day in & day out
14) cream pies are not pastries. Also, don’t ever turn off your Google safe search tool.
15) it’s okay to not know what you’re doing. It’s also okay to go from knowing exactly what you’re doing, to something you don’t. It’s okay have different opinions and plans for your life than what others planned for you too. Just don’t stop doing something.

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That concludes my list of things I’ve learned in 2015, but what are some of the lessons you’ve learned this past year? Comment below! And as always, thank you for reading!